Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Your perfect controller

``You design, we build. Your perfect controller.´´

is one of the slogans that Umidi a dj-tech startup uses. 
The controller is a close match to Dj Techtools "Midifighter", 
So what's different about the Umidi
Well first off it's highly customizable, with alot more fetures then themidifighter
you could also argue that the Umidi is better looking but that is highly personal. 

So how much dose they both cost? 

Well since the midifighter is the only one out on the market at the moment, 
and taken in count that the midifigher also is customizable,  
the absolutely cheapest version is priced at $175.00. 
And when the Umidi is released the price will be $1050 incl. international shipping. 

(Umidi, example how it can look)

(Midifighter, example how it can look)