Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My dj-setup

What is a dj-setup?

Way back a dj-setup was built on  
2 Vinyl Record players, 1 mixer and 2 speakers (basically), 
but now everything is pretty much done digitally. 
(Meaning that you have a controlling system that
tells a computer what to do.)

What hardwear are you using?

I'm rocking two cdj 350(silver), one djm 250(silver)
and I'm connecting them to my asus ultrabook.
And for sound I've got a pair of nEar 05 by ESI speakers,
and my headphones are called akg k518dj.

What sofwear are you using?

Traktor is my softwear of choice, iv tried most
of the softwear on the market, how ever Traktor
is one of the only once that supports my rig.